The Demand for Protection

Demand for C-UAS and Drone Detection Systems is on the rise. The issue with drone detection systems in general is, that there’s no system that offers detection of all drones. Some systems detect all flying objects indiscriminately, while others only detect drones of one particular brand. 

There are two major issues with the available drone detection and monitoring systems today. First, one-sensor solutions, passive or active, only provide a partial picture. Not seeing both cooperative* and non-cooperative drones (*drones sharing their position and identification) is like a perimeter fence with holes in it; anyone can get through. Senhives SENID+ sensor detects communication between drones and their remote control.

Second, not being able to differentiate between authorised** and unauthorised drones (**drones having permission to fly), doesn’t allow you to differentiate rogue drones from the ones that are legitimately operating in your area of interest. This could lead to an ambitious security operator bringing down a medical drone.

SkeyDrone integrates traffic information data from all types of detection systems, both cooperative and non-cooperative, and fuses this information into one complete and enhanced aerial picture. 

By integrating UAS Flight Information, the Drone Radar Pro tells you who is and who isn’t authorised to fly there

Key Components

Our Drone Detection as a Service comprises three key components:

  • Hardware: Our system utilizes state-of-the-art sensors that are compact in size and have specific power and connectivity requirements. These sensors are designed to efficiently detect and track drones within a given area.
  • Software: Our software incorporates advanced drone radar technology, which enables real-time monitoring and identification of drones. This software analyzes sensor data and provides alerts and notifications to the users, ensuring prompt and accurate detection of unauthorized drone activities.
  • UTM Integration: We have successfully integrated our system with two leading UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) systems: SkeyDrone’s DSA and Unifly. These integrations enable seamless coordination and communication between our drone detection system and the UTM platforms. Our system benefits from the operational coverage of these UTM systems, which are currently deployed in specific geographic regions, as depicted on the accompanying map.

Drone Detection as a Service

Being able to detect drone activities is crucial for organisations who want to monitor local airspace & protect their critical business assets. A drone detection system is a useful add-on to a UTM system operated by GeoZone managers, and a necessary building block for an effective C-UAS system operated by military and law enforcement agencies.

Investing in Drone Detection Technology is an uncertain and expensive way to secure your Critical Infrastructure or Sensitive Business Information. Drone Technology changes all the time and the hardware developed to detect and identify friends and foes is hardly past the phase of experimentation. That is why we believe in offering this solution as a service.

Drone Radar Pro

Whether it is to monitor airspace for unauthorised activities, protect critical business infrastructure against malicious drone operations, or have the most complete air picture to safely manage and avoid mid-air collisions between manned and unmanned aviation, the ‘SkeyDrone’s Drone Radar’ software is the most advanced airspace monitoring & alerting software in the market.

Our solution allows you to evaluate all drone operations and categorize activity according to their individual risk profile:

Cooperative <–> Non-Cooperative: our detection hardware allows you to detect the presence of drones based on either the Direct Remote ID protocol (cooperative) or the RF communication link (non-cooperative) exchanged between the drone and the controller. The latter covers the most popular drone brands and allows up to a 97% detection rate.

Authorised <-> Unauthorised: our Drone Radar software integrates with UTM systems used in Geozones over or near your area of interest. This unique feature allows you to distinguish authorized from unauthorized drones. It not only tells you which drone is or is not authorised but verifies if the flight is executed in conformance to it

Drone Radar Features

Skeydrone’s Drone Radar software has the following alerting features:

  • Intrusion detection alerting, warning users in case of unauthorised intrusions in their area of interest.
  • Conformance Monitoring alerting, and warning users in case of non-conformant drone activities:
    • Drones flying outside their authorised volumes.
    • Pilots not respecting their authorised flying windows.
    • Operations without tactical authorisation from the Control Tower or GeoZone manager.
  • Integration with existing alert management software or business processes.

What is SENID +

SENID+ is a drone detection system that utilizes signal analysis to detect and locate commercial drones within a radius of 25 km. The system is able to detect the signals emitted by drones and their remote controls, allowing it to effectively identify and track common commercial drones in the area.

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We offer our drone detection service as a convenient subscription. You have the flexibility to choose different subscription periods based on your needs. Alternatively, if you only require the service for a short period, you can activate it for a single month.

By subscribing to our service, you will gain access to the comprehensive drone detection network provided by skeydrone. The best part is, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the hardware yourself. We take care of all the necessary maintenance and upkeep for you.

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