SkeyDrone and SafeSky Collaborate to Improve Safety of Manned and Unmanned Aviation

Steenokkerzeel/Braine-l’AlleudSkeyDrone and SafeSky, two leading companies in the aviation industry, have announced a collaboration agreement to share air traffic information between manned and unmanned aviation. The goal of this collaboration is to improve safety for both types of aircraft in the increasingly congested skies.

Under the agreement, SkeyDrone plans to integrate and validate SafeSky’s (manned) traffic data as part of its certification as U-space service provider. Both companies will share real-time traffic information about their aircrafts’ positions, flight paths, and schedules. This information exchange will allow both manned and unmanned aircraft to avoid mid-air collisions and other potential safety hazards. 

“This partnership allows us to further strengthen our ambition as (future) U-space service provider. The traffic information service we offer already today to our customers (drone operators) is the only aviation-grade solution in this young market and is accepted as safe air risk mitigation measure by national aviation authorities.” said Hendrik-Jan Van Der Gucht, Managing Director of SkeyDrone.


By joining forces, SkeyDrone and SafeSky can leverage their respective strengths and expertise to deliver innovative technologies that enhance situational awareness, enable safe and efficient operations, and ultimately help to prevent accidents.

SafeSky CEO, Tristan Fily, also commented on the partnership, “Since the inception of our company and services, our goal has consistently been to enhance the adage of “see and avoid” by introducing the notion of “being seen”. Thanks to our partnership with Skeydrone, this aspect has taken on an exceptional significance, as we are creating safer harmony in the sky for all aircraft, without exception. For the first time, both manned and unmanned aircraft can access critical information about activities in their airspace, without requiring any additional devices or investments. It is a testament to our commitment to innovation and essential solutions that ensure safe, efficient, and secure access to airspace for all sky users.”


This collaboration between SafeSky, representing the general aviation community, and SkeyDrone, representing the drone industry, is a first and important step towards safely integrating both airspace users. 

The partnership represents an important milestone in the evolution of the aviation industry. By working together to share information and optimize the use of airspace, the companies hope to build a safer and more efficient aviation ecosystem for everyone.

For more information on SkeyDrone and SafeSky’s collaboration, please contact: 

Hendrik-Jan Van Der Gucht, CEO
Phone: +32 471722543

Tristan Fili, CEO
Phone: +32 486 96 51 85

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