Drone Detection now has a silver bullet!

SkeyDrone Radar Pro

What’s Going on Here?

Demand for C-UAS and Drone Detection Systems is on the rise. The only issue with drone detection systems is, that there’s no silver bullet, current systems are not able to detect everything.

What Does This Mean?

There are two primary issues with current drone detection and monitoring systems available in the market. First, one-sensor solutions, passive or active, only provide a portion of the picture and lack the depth needed to truly provide indications and warnings of drone flight and, more importantly, the risk they represent. Second, layering multiple sensors into one complete aerial picture is extremely complex and therefore costly. Fear no longer …

Why Should I Care?

Drone Threat Assessment: Cooperative vs. non-cooperative.
As of 2024, all commercial drones are obliged to be “cooperative” and share their identification number and position through a technology called Direct Remote ID. But why would a drone with criminal intent abide by that law? It’s important to not only detect both cooperative and non-cooperative drones, but your Drone Detection System should assign a higher risk level to the latter.

UTM Integration: Authorised vs. unauthorised.
Besides making sure you see everything; it is also essential to separate drones that have received prior Flight Authorisation from those that have not.  If at a certain moment in time, your area of observation detects 10 drones, then I’m sure you would like to focus your attention on that drone that did not receive prior authorisation and is flying inconspicuously.

Drone Radar Pro

The SkeyDrone Drone Radar Pro not only combines and fuses the feed from multiple sources into a complete and reliable aerial picture, detecting both cooperative (Direct Remote ID) and non-cooperative drones (RF Frequency Analysis). It also integrates the authorised flight plans from friendly UTM systems active in your area of observation, so that you immediately see who is allowed to fly there and who isn’t. You wouldn’t want to intercept a friendly drone that has every right to operate there.

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