BVLOS enablement SOLUTIONs

BVLOS enablement in segragated and non-segregated airspace

By SkeyDrone’s Head of Sales, Didier Decaestecker

SkeyDrone’s solutions suite

SkeyDrone has developed a series of UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) Solutions to support the evolution of the Belgian drone industry. Our innovative Skeydrone CONTROL, developed to allow ANSP’s to manage drone traffic safely and efficiently in controlled airspace, was customized to meet skeyes’ most rigorous requirements. It is also known to Drone operators as the DSA (Drone Service Application).

Skeydrone WATCH is aimed at managers of Geo-zones or critical infrastructures to efficiently manage their Flight Authorisation process and monitor air traffic in their area of responsibility.

Our SkeyDrone MONITOR is aimed at drone operators and was developed to help them detect, identify and visualise any other AIR TRAFFIC in their operational volume.

BVLOS in segregated airspace

Our SkeyDrone Monitor was first introduced as a tactical mitigation solution for detecting the presence of manned aircraft in the proximity of the first Belgian BVLOS long distance high tension powerline inspection operation, executed for Elia, by Vansteelandt using a Swissdrones AG SDO50 V2 UAV.

This BVLOS operation was qualified as a BVLOS operation in sparsely populated environment. After mitigating the initial Ground Risk (5) to a final Ground Risk (2) and then mitigating the Airspace Risk Class from an ARC-c (<500ft AGL in uncontrolled airspace over Urban Area) to a residual ARC-b, the operation was assigned the Specific Assurance and Integrity Level (SAIL) II.

Despite the Risk Assessments outcome, the BCAA demanded a supplementary assurance of separation by means of a Temporary Segregated Area (TSA).

BVLOS enablement in non-segregated airspace

The most important challenge we should be addressing today, is the enablement of more BVLOS drone operations. That’s how we are going to unlock the full economic potential of commercial drone operations. As the use of Temporary Segregated Airspace (TSA’s) is not scalable, SkeyDrone is creating solutions that can help the drone industry obtain approval for BVLOS operations in non-segregated airspace.

When is it Safe to Fly?

The Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) does not prescribe what solutions are acceptable for mitigating either ground or airrisk. The challenge for SkeyDrone is to define solutions and build products that are performant, reliable and robust enough to convince to Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) to consider BVLOS operations in populated areas, taking place <500ft AGL and in uncontrolled airspace (urban Area) “safe to fly” in non-segregated airspace.

If you would like to discuss any SORA issues you are facing, do not hesitate to contact us by email .

Pre-U-space Airspace

One solution SkeyDrone believes will help approval of BVLOS operations in non-segregated airspace, is the creation of pre-U-space airspace together with the provision of adequate UTM services. The handles offered by the SORA process to mitigate the Air Risk and therefore reduce the Airspace Risk Classification from an ARC-c to an ARC-b are described as Strategic Mitigation by common airspace structures and common flight rules.


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Creating solutions to obtain approval for BVLOS operations in non-segregated airspace