A complete set of applications to manage your DRONE flights

Our solutions

With our UAS Geo-zone management software suite we offer a complete range of SaaS applications allowing to manage and monitor flight authorizations in the most complex UAS geographical zones, such as controlled airspace. 

skeydrone PLANNER

Allows operators to manage their fellow operators, pilots and drones, as well as plan and manage their operations in specific Geozones.

skeydrone FLY

The mobile web interface for operators and pilots for operators and pilots in the field, on the day of the flight.

skeydrone GREENLIGHT

Skeydrone’s module for reviewing and approving operation requests. Allows for flawless approval, commenting and communication with operators & pilots.

skeydrone CONTROL

The module specifically designed for ATS. Allows an advanced visualisation & monitoring over all drone operations in specific Geozones.

skeydrone ADMIN

The module that allows the GeoZone Manager to configure and maintain the platform in terms of e.g. user access rights and map layer management.