Manage and protect your airspace

Our Product range

With solutions for both geo-zone managers as well as drone operators, we supply the necessary building blocks for the safe and efficient integration of drones in the Single European Sky airspace, alongside manned aviation, making SkeyDrone the perfect Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Service Provider for the drone community of today or U-Space Service Provider for the drone operators of tomorrow.
With our background in civil aviation, we are naturally focussed on Collision Avoidance, Conformance Monitoring and Intrusion Detection.

SkeyDrone offers two distinct but interrelated business lines :

 Drone Integration Services (Traffic Management, Flight Authorisation, Risk Assessment, …)

Drone Detection Services (Traffic Information Services, Drone Risk Mitigation Services, …)

We are an end-to-end solutions integrator, ensuring safety, security and scalable drone operations.

An air traffic monitoring software that allows you to identify and localise any air traffic in your detection area.  Drone operators use the monitor to detect & avoid (DAA) other air traffic. Geozone managers monitor authorised or rogue drone activity in their area of responsibility (AoR) 

  • Detection of (un)manned air traffic
  • Collision Avoidance (DAA)
  • Conformance Monitoring
  • Intrusion alerting

A drone flight authorization and air traffic management solution for your AoR, integrating the features of the skeydrone MONITOR with the flight authorisation processof the Unifly UTM software. 

  • Single stage flight authorization
  • Drone flight & flight plan visualisation
  • Strategic deconfliction
  • Conformance monitoring, intrusion alerting & collision avoidance

An extensive drone flight authorization and air traffic monitoring solution for your high risk AoR.

This high end UTM software is otherwise known as  Drone Service Application (DSA)  developed for the Belgian Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) skeyes.

  • Multi-stage flight authorization
  • Extended operator flight planning & submission features
  • In flight safety control (land-now button)
  • Admin features to configure rules and manage user accounts 


Based on your specific needs, we can provide you with extra information and advice. Feel free to get in touch.