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SkeyDrone's BVLOS enablement as template for U-space

Strategic Mitigation by Structures and Rules SkeyDrone has developed a risk mitigation framework that makes use of common airspace structures and rules to mitigate the risk of mid-air collisions. This framework was created to help drones to fly increasingly complex missions (BVLOS over populated areas) in a safe and scalable manner. Hence it was named the “BVLOS enablement framework”.
SkeyDrone Monitor displaying Traffic Information

SkeyDrone’s Traffic Information Service (TIS) detects both manned and unmanned aviation and alerts the pilot of any aerial conflict

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BVLOS Enablement

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SkeyDrone Radar Pro detects & identifies drones

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Hendrik-Jan Van Der Gucht
Managing Director, SkeyDrone

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Here at SkeyDrone we believe in a future where drones have seamless access to airspace, where they can operate in the most efficient, safe & secure way, and therefore bring significant contributions to both economy and society, without causing unnecessary disruption or grief.

SkeyDrone will play a leading role in building a flourishing European drone ecosystem by shaping the safest and most secure solutions for Authorities, Operators, and Companies.

SkeyDrone, the safe way to fly

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