Enhance Prison Security in Belgium with the Drone Radar Pro

In recent years, the widespread use of drones has given rise to both recreational endeavors and the alarming escalation of illicit activities. One of the most concerning issues is the smuggling of contraband, including drugs, weapons, and prohibited materials, into prisons. On May 15, 2020 a drone carrying a load of drugs crashed in the courtyard of a Brussels prison. The drone was being utilized by an individual outside the prison to deliver drugs to an inmate, had a problem resulting in its collapse within the prison premises. Investigations revealed that the drone was excessively loaded, leading to its eventual crash, as reported by RTBF. 

The lack of drone detection equipment in Belgium has been identified as a significant factor contributing to the alarming increase in prison drug deliveries. Criminals have been exploiting this vulnerability by utilizing drones to transport illicit substances into correctional facilities.  

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), particularly quadcopters, have become a significant tool employed by criminals to smuggle drugs, cell phones, and even weapons into prisons. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Belgium is exploring the acquisition of drone detection systems to fortify prison security. 

Early-stage drone detection systems primarily relied on radar technology, which faced challenges when detecting small drones in complex urban environments. This led to limited success, causing governments to hesitate in investing further in drone detection system. 

Fortunately, there’s a new and improved drone detection system based on Radio Frequency (RF) Detection called the SkeyDrone Drone Radar Pro. 

How does the Drone Radar Pro work? 

The Drone Radar Pro is a system that uses advanced technology to detect and prevent unauthorized drone activity. It works by detecting the radio frequency (RF) signals that drones generally emit, enabling the system to quickly identify and accurately track the location of the drone. 

The system is designed to provide instant alerts to law enforcement staff when a drone is detected. This capability allows staff members to respond to unauthorized drone operation events quickly and effectively to prevent dangerous and illegal activity from occurring.  

Senhive technology  

The SEN-ID+, which is the RF detection hardware used by this Drone Radar, has already been deployed and fully tested at DronePort Sint-Truiden, the home of Senhive, a Belgian technology start-up that has developed and improved the SEN-ID+. Testing has also been deployed in Boom & Brussels region. The increasing demand for an RF based drone detection system, unaffiliated with any particular brand, has led Senhive to develop this new receiver.   

UTM Integration 

The Drone Radar Pro is an advanced drone detection software solution that can integrate different sources of detection technology, besides the SEN-ID+. The Drone Radar software also integrates with other sources of traffic data to offer you the most complete aerial picture. But what sets it apart from any other drone detection solution it that it also integrates with the UTM system used to issue flight authorizations for drone flights. Prisons are often found in or near cities and therefore within an existing geozone of U-space airspace. This means that the Drone Radar will also detect drones that have every right to fly there. A UTM integration allows prison safety guards & security staff to distinguish authorised from unauthorised drones. This allows them to ignore the authorised drones and focus only on rogue drones who represent an imminent threat. 


Skeydrone’s Drone Radar Pro’s software offers alerting features that include intrusion detection and conformance monitoring. It alerts users about unauthorized intrusions and non-conformant drone activities such as flying outside authorized volumes, disregarding flying windows, and operating without proper authorization. The software seamlessly integrates with existing alert management systems, enhancing security and operational efficiency. 

If you are interested in seeing this new and improved SkeyDrone Drone Radar Pro at work, please reach out to us so that we can invite you to a live demonstration. 

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