Teamwork makes a dream work


Meet the people behind SkeyDrone.

Hendrik-Jan Van Der Gucht

Managing Director

Hendrik-Jan is an experienced management executive with a proven track record in the aviation sector. Driven by the potential of technological progress, he gets his energy from leading complex change and innovation projects.

Jean-Pierre De Muyt

Director Strategy & Business Development

Jean-Pierre is seasoned business developer with a proven track record in the telco and satellite communications industry. In 2015 his passion for technology and emerging markets pulled him in to the drone industry to start bringing new traffic management products and solutions to market.

Didier Decaestecker

Head of sales

Didier Decaestecker is a seasoned marketing- en sales professional and a passionate tech-startup enabler. He started his career in media and participated in the launch of some innovative TV, and radio initiatives.  Later he naturally evolved towards the exciting world of tech-startups. In july 2021, Didier joined SkeyDrone’s management team to assist in the succesful go-to-market of SkeyDrone’s solutions and services.

Tom Snyers

UTM Product manager

Tom is a hands-on Engineer with 15 years of experience in ATM, Software Engineering, SESAR and UTM. Driven by technological evolutions like drones and digitalisation he is constantly on the lookout for improving operations and establishing new strategies and business opportunities.

Tanguy De Waele

UTM System architect

Tanguy is an experienced and creative software engineer, aviation and drones enthusiast. Building state-of-the-art, user-friendly and tailor-made business applications is truly his passion. He is actively seeking out new technologies to stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements.

Benoît Salpéteur

Senior Back-end developer

Benoît is an experienced back-end software engineer. He owns the technical part of the roadmap and drives the maintenance process behind the applications via refactoring and technical design of new features. As Team lead, Benoît enforces best practices on git branching, pair programming, code review process, unit testing, code coverage and the correct usage of our continuous development platform.

Geert Egghe

Marketing Communications expert

A creative brain with an analytical skill set. As a former agency owner for more then 15 years he has an in-depth knowledge in marketing and brand positioning. A problem solver and hands-on marketeer with a drive for innovation.

Bjorn Geuns

Project Manager

Bjorn is a no-nonsense project manager with a solid background in software engineering, a passion for aviation and an avid rc builder/pilotHe thrives on guiding complex multistakeholder projects and teams to achieve their goals and have fun in the progress.

Esmé Lemmens

Office Manager

Esmé is an experienced office manager. Drawn to the no-nonsense mindset and a high tech innovative context, she joined SkeyDrone in August 2021. Juggling a multitude of organisational and planning tasks, her mission is to contribute to the organisation and support the team. In other words: make a difference in order to help SkeyDrone grow and colleagues thrive.

Stijn Jonckheere

Senior full-stack developer & UX designer

Stijn is a highly driven software engineer with a passion for people. He enjoys the process of building application with a clear focus on the end user.
For Stijn, variety is key. Anywhere from SCRUM oriented team organisation to sketching, wireframing and complex UI building using modern day principles and design patterns, that’s where he feels at home.
His mission is to create applications that feel familiar, in an industry that’s just beginning to take hold, while ensuring the road to get there is an enjoyable and productive one.

Ward Gubbi

Senior full-stack developer & DevOps engineer

Ward is an innovation driven software engineer that sets a high standard for performance.
As a seasoned application developer with numerous deployments under his belt, he ensures a stable and smooth experience to end users. He is the kind of person who always thinks two steps ahead, often experimenting with the latest tools and patterns in order to improve the architecture the team relies on. His motto is clear, if it can be done, it can probably be done better.