Our Story

Headquartered in Brussels, SkeyDrone’s industry delivers a unified line of high-performance flight and drone detection software, hardware and services that have earned the longstanding trust of its customers and partners over the past years.  

In 2020, SkeyDrone was formed by a group of executives, software programmers and product designers that previously worked together at SKYES, a Belgian air navigation and traffic service provider (ANSP). The founding team recognized an opportunity to utilize unmanned aerial vehicles to maximize efficiency in the air navigation sector and help usher in a new era of solutions through software, products and services.  

SkeyDrone recognized the opportunities associated with the growth of unmanned aerial vehicles driving the future of air navigation service providers (ANSP) and wanted to use its team’s knowledge to create solutions.

As a subsidiary of skeyes, Skeydrone is developing and offering software-based services allowing drone operators and authorities to manage drone flights in the most safe, efficient and secure way and foster the development of the European drone eco-system. 

By mid 2021 Brussels airport Company joined the partnership as a shareholder, enhancing the importance of unmanned aviation next to the evolution in manned air traffic in the future.  

SkeyDrone’s management team boasts over 80 years of combined experience in UAV operation, aviation traffic control, and programming. With a set of solutions based on current UAV problems in the Belgian landscape, SkeyDrones serves its solutions towards these problems. Overall, Skeydrone envisages to play a central role in the implementation of U-space in Belgium and become one of the first U-space service providers (USSP) in Europe. 

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